Saturday, June 9, 2012


Quick Update !

One of my hobbies is reading . Be it a stack of papers or e-book . I found it very calming . HAHAHA . yeah calming you say huh , try to read Chemistry or Biology again and you know where I'm heading too .

But i can sure that i'm quite fond of reading . It's interesting . Just a few days ago , my bff promoted to me a blog . The author herself is a SHOPAHOLIC  . Being born as a beauty WITH BRAIN and with great and expensive fashion senses , raised in an above average income family and she even completed her SPM and A-Level simultaneously in a girl boarding school in London . Not to mentioned that she even graduated at one of most prestigious university in UK . 

A stalker I am , i went reading her blog as far as i can . HAHAHAH  .* psst , i might be doing it to you too :P

From what I've read , she was and still am I think an avid fan of Chanel , her jargon in fashion left me speechless . HAHAHAHA . She also have a big collection of designer tops , dresses ,SHOES , BAGS, HEELS and on top of that , her sweet boyfriend, fiance,husband-to-be always support her anyway -__-'

but what makes me respect her is , that she knows what she's doing and is determined in all things she do . She didnt that things for granted .She do not forget her root . emmm, let say , family . Eventhough i saw her as a urban city girl , she always prioritize her family . Her love for her grandma , *I'm touched ! . She graduated ,holding a law degree in her hand and instead of becoming a lawyer or whatever kind of jobs related , she works with her father *yes,her father owns a company*   in a construction and building something related that needs her to be on site under the blazing hot sun . sheesh , i'm making it a big deal . OK . then years move on and she decided to start her own fashion online store , and whewww . It becomes hit ! She got to write for magazines , model on a runaway , hit the jackpot this woman . 

heee , yes , i do jelly here and there , but then it's a motivation eh , to be very very very positive in what life brings to you . She also always remind her reader about prays , do'a and sometimes she would post something about what Islam taught its ummah . See , i like her ........... HAHAHA ..

at first reading her blog , i was taken back at how close she and Rebecca Bloomwood ! They both are shopaholic with the same criteria but minus where Becky had a serious issues how to not shop . She can control though ! ^^ . 

I'm not a shopaholic but still a growing up TEENager , i feel inspired after reading her blog .

Now , i need to find another blog to rape . HAHA . link anyone ?

ps: Rebecca Bloomwood is a character in Sophie Kinsella book .

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