Sunday, June 10, 2012

What i see in a crystal magic ball ?

My mom is very lucky for me.

She married my father . Isnt that obvious ? -.-'

Lately , she likes to tell stories when she started dating with my father , then where did they go , how hard for them to make end meets during their early years of marriage  . I guess she's bored sitting home around 6 naughty , hyper sons-daughters . HAHAHA .

Anyway , my father was a musicians . He used to play in a band , even when i'm in my mom's tummy .And my mom would always wait for him jamming at the studio . Heh ........He played guitar . Sometimes,he could just listen to the melody and play along just like that . He told me he learned through his friends during his school years in V.I . He says that you'll need to master only a few chords then wallah ! you're genius in music .! too bad i quit playing guitar when i was 14 . During that day , i can read the notes and play one or two simple songs . I guess there's no motivaton for me to carry on . and now , it's all rusty .

But , there's one thing i can play , it's called gamelan . It's during my early years in secondary school and i even get paid for it ! My girls(hani,lil,ika and mai) ,all can play gamelan but we're not sure now . Rusty rusty rusty .

Okay , back to my mom . She said , during her times where she'd wait for my dad jamming , she always pray that the baby in her tummy WILL NOT BE A GOOD MUSICIAN LIKE HER FATHER IS . I guess Allah heard her prayer . ok fine. but still , that doesn't stop me. I always like music . I went to MPO(Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra) for several times , a few concerts under MOE , stuff my phones and laptop with thousand of songs .

But i'm totally into acoustic or classical music . I just can't stand seeing people making great music with ther talent . Just a simple cover inYoutube and yes , i fall in love with you  your music .HAHAHAHA . k not funny . I just love hearing Youtube cover .

Being a girl ,i will always have a crush when i heard someone can play guitar . HAHAHA . hey , i totally love when my dad playing guitar ! don't get me wrong .I just love how you can play music with it .

Yeah yeah yeah , so what's the point here duh ???

Errr , according to an infamous crystal magic ball ,what i see is that  i'm seeing myself being serenade in the future .............................*pause**cricket sound*


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