Monday, February 14, 2011

I am so sorry ,

Sorry for last night .

It wasnt meant to be like that . Nasty one .

Kerek eh aku ?

Sorry . Duh , now i can't will never ever kacau kau lagi .

Promise is a promise .<----not sure if i'm going to break it sooner or later. Just show that you care .. Its not a big problem . But hey, thats your problem .

I can't resist myself to show that I DO CARE . and obviously la thats my problem kan .

I just hate myself when it comes to this . Sorry again .

psst , know what ? I knew all the answer already la(how?girly instict ofcourse) tapi i just want you to say all those things eventho yeah its written kan .

er er er...i have this cookies . Want some ?

(credit to Google Images )

*Damn , am i celebrating Vday ? HAHAHAHA .

~ Peace upon you ~