Friday, December 10, 2010

No more cik dan shouting here and there !

ahhh, its finally over !

not so happy bout it but whatever.

anyway paper 3 Biology was err what should i say,suppose-to-be-easy and it turned out to be like the unexpected things ! dayyum . =.="

arghh ! biarlah . im not going to spoil anything . yeah the paper ends and its raining cats and doggeh . woohoo. its time to parteh .

We all had a wet day . or what we called our wet party . wawa even washed her hair with my shampoo . -.-

Yeah , we took pictures in rain and we jumped and screamed. Mann, bunch of munkeys.. haha . i love u guys. yeahhi , im available now *winks

aand yeah , its Megi time . called us anything, that thing are strictly prohibited there and yeah we ate like pigs tat food =.= .haha .

AND GUESS WHAT ! we only had our dinner at 8 ! god, everyone starving and the Q , phewww.. its BBQ night ! we all sang, eat ,laugh, snap here and there . then what , i snored at 2 . wuhoo. and wake up for subuh to find everyone still sleeping . haiya . and by 9 am everyone are all in their finest jeans,shawl,shirts,blouses to go to Mid,Sunway,KLCC,Wangsa Walk ,The Mall*counted too ok and me in my lovely Baju Batik ! HAHA . baik tahuu ..

Its the end of something and the beginning for something.



Mimie said...

yeayyyyy!!!dah abes!!
you've been studying hard
and now
ahaa time to party!!

enjoy ur freedom~

WaniiAsri said...

hehehe . kak mimieeee !

Mimie said...

yeaa kak mimi laa~wat pe je weekend??

ani tau tak..las wik kan kak mimi g times square then g kpop shop there..
byk sgt big bang nye stuff!!!hahaha
got excited but only bought hphone strap je:p

WaniiAsri said...

alaaa kak mimie . sekarang duduk rumah je baruu. heh ... alaaaaa big bangggggggggggggg ! hehe