Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mi amor thanks :)

Heh , im 17 officially and next year im going to be 18 .
Matang sikit boleh ? hehe , I am kann..
Anyway , yesterday i went to Sunway Pyramid and this time with my girls from school . Hanah, yiha and sab ! hehe thanks guy , next time its my turn la kann turun KL . ;p
We have tons of funs . and yeah auch, our legs hurt . hehe . Eventhough Hanah had her hard time that day . Its okay hanah,sikit jeee . We shop till we drop . kihkih .
At first,theres only Hanah , yiha and me . WE LOOK LIKE A MORON ! haha . we decided to take pictures from machines which we seriously DO NOT UNDERSTAND . turned out like the 'kakak' there helped us all the way form A to Z . =.='
Okay , mood dah takde :p
Until next time . Muahx !

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