Thursday, May 10, 2012


May peace be upon you 

So i was back in town . Muahahah :D

Of course i'm happy . So today , i met hani and mai . We went to somewhere hani can get her passport pictures taken and where i can eat ice-cream . So after a short discussion , we headed to Shah Alam Mall . 

Lol , with Hani driving the car , i'm being paranoid ~ kakakak sorrrreh hunneh . ich liebe dich :P
i keep " weh Haniiiiiiiiiiiii , motor tuuu ! " , " Haniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! " hahahahhahaha . Guess it was me ..over reacting to everything . ala , its been months kot since i last driving . 

Hani and mai bought eskimo dekat DailyFresh which led me to jumpa my long lost friend kat asrama dulu ! Margeeenaaaa ~ weeee , soo happy sebab its been a while kot since our last meeting . She works there . hehehe . 

Then we went to meet Syahmiiii ! The handsome but still cute in our eyes . He keep asking why i keep on growing . Alaaa , its in the gene . :P

Ntah , i guess the reason i posted something here just because i miss my girlfriends so much . Especially Ika and Lil . Tak jumpa dorang lagi . Girlsssss , cuti la cepat and jom laaaaaaaaa jumppa !  :*

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