Thursday, June 17, 2010

So whats up ?

Yeah . I've changed my blog layout ! suka tak ? You tak suka , I suka . :p

I also changed my blog title ;) reason ? SPM .. lame oo :p Lah,nanti i tukar balik =.=

so whats up dear bloggers ? If u notice now i only post like 1 post per month . derh ,sorry ..
life keeping me busy right now. Problem problem and problem keep on coming .

" Ya Rabb, keep me strong please ! "
Im glad that i still have my family, friendoo and people who keep me annoyed . yes,thank you .
i wish my life has an " undo " button or i just can rewind ,rewind,rewind and just backspace . There's things that i wish i didnt do . When you make a mistake , u just hit the button , your fingers get crossed up and u hit the button ,and at times when u realised what u just type was not what u meant to say and u hit the button . I wish life were the same way . There's have been times when i wish i had sounded mooooree positive or wish i say No when i didnt and times when i needed to take care of myself *takenote* or give ears,eyes and mouth to my friend(s) , times when i know i would have felt better for MYSELF if i'd say Yes .
and yes SPM my biggest event of the year . Pray for me people . I hope that i make it through together with u also .. ok ? whay eh Malaysia have education system based on exam ? exam-oriented . If i fail my SPM , so my life is wayy overr man !
* duhh, over pulak dah . =.= Lepas gian . Heh . Bye fellas . Muchos gracias .
Its me,


(: syai_sharif :) said...

layout blog kau wat aku teringat kat seseri
makan pakai spoon and fork

WaniiAsri said...

haha. syai biase lahh.. ;))